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Attracting and retaining employees today.

There’s no denying that the past year has taken a significant toll on the workforce. Seismic shifts in economy and employment have rocked the globe, and the health—physical, mental, and emotional—of the workforce hangs in the balance.

As employers, the future of the workplace depends on our ability to support our team members. Ultimately, a business is nothing without its team, so it’s in our best interests to keep our staff happy and healthy.

The Future of Remote Work

Even as we move back into in-person work environments, there’s good reason to believe that online work is the way of the future. The pandemic showed us that a new way of working was possible. And not only possible, but preferable: according to a survey by CFO Gartner, more than 70% of businesses said they foresee some form of remote work in their business’s future.

But are employees on the same page? Yes… but only if organizations can put their money where their mouth is. A McKinsey survey shows that employees are hesitant about continuing remote work practices unless their employers implement supportive and comprehensive remote policies adapted for long-term use.

To maximize productivity and minimize employee anxiety, employers have to understand the shifting needs of their team. That’s why the biggest priority for both employers and employees alike should be an exceptional benefits package. It’s difficult to overstate the importance of a business curating benefits that keep employees sharp and healthy. And while management may veer toward traditional benefit plans, employees need more benefits that support their unique needs.

Prioritizing Your Team’s Needs

Because of the amount of uncertainty caused by the pandemic, employees are searching for security and stability. Of course, as an employer, it’s challenging to offer benefits that address the diverse needs of any collective workforce, even in the best of times. These days, it’s even harder—but that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to leave your employees up the creek without a paddle. 

Good businesses—like relationships—are built on a foundation of trust and reciprocity. The future of work, remote and otherwise, will depend on a business’s ability to give back to, and support employees. Not only does it cultivate a healthy workplace culture, but employees who feel supported are more likely to stay and work their best, no matter where they are.

A post-pandemic benefits and wellness program will keep your team feeling secure: even if the future is still unclear, they are assured, at least, that you are making their needs and concerns a priority.

What You Can Do About It

As an employer, you should always be looking for ways to prioritize the security and wellness of your teammates. That’s why PerkPass has curated a platform to help meet the needs of your workforce. Our passion is finding benefits and wellness programs that appeal to the interests and life needs of all employees. 

After all, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from 2021, it’s that health should always be a priority! 

To learn more about our program, book a free trial/consultation with PerkPass today.

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